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Micro usb (AA) nickel hydrogen 1.2V No.5

1.2V Micro USB No.5 double A nickel hydrogen rechargeable AA nimh battery

AA Nimh micro usb rechargeable battery 1.2V

Model Number: AA
Material: Nickel hydrogen battery
Charging Method: Micro usb cable
Charging Voltage: 5V
Norminal Voltage: 1.2V
Typical: 1030mAh(ref)
Minimum: 1000mAh
Diameter: Min 13.7mm, Max 14.5mm
Height: Min 49.5mm, Max 50.5mm
Weight: 18.2(+-0.5)g

Charging Instruction:
Charging by Micro usb, it needs 8.5h at 5V 110mAh. When charging, red light is on. Green light is on
when full charged.(charging at the status of no power)

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