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Type-C 9V lithium battery 6F22

9 Volt Type-C rechargeable lithium battery 6f22 006p

9V Lithium Type-c usb rechargeable battery

Model Number: 9V constantly
Material: Lithium Polymer battery
Charging Method: Type-C usb cable
Charging Voltage: 5V
Norminal Voltage: 9V
Typical: 650mAh
Length: Min 25.5mm, Max 26.5mm
Width: Min 16.5mm, Max 17.5mm
Total Height: Min 47.5mm, Max 48.5mm
Height of Postive and Negative: 3mm
Weight: 23.3(+-0.5)g
Charging time: 2 hours (+-0.5)
Discharging Current: 100mA
Cutoff Voltage: 0V
Maximum continuous discharge current: 400mA

LED Indicators: Red led when charging,blue led when full charged
Short-circuited/over-flowed/over-charged/over-discharged protection: YES
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