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WHAT IS SMARTOOOLS. The most original accessories for your Smartphone

We have created a brand of high quality and design accessories to solve the need that all Smartphones users have.

The first one: You will never run out of mobile battery again.



The first product by SMARTOOOLS is the Mobile Charger, a portable battery that will help you charge your Smartphone on the go.

It's a high quality battery

We have selected the best Lithium-Ion batteries to ensure long durability and stable charging. The standard SMARTOOOLS Mobile Charger comes with a 2600 mAh Samsung original Lithium-Ion battery, which gives you at least one extra charge for your Smartphone (depending on the battery capacity of your mobile device). It is built with an advanced charging circuit to secure high temperature control, short-circuit protection and fast charging.

It's made for all Smartphones

It works with all kind of Smartphones, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle, cameras, mobile phones and any USB portable device. The box includes a micro-USB cable. It is specially configured to intelligently detect the current to each type of Smartphone and supports the new high-end Smartphones and tablets thanks to the fast charging output of 2.1A. 

It's easy to use

A 3-LED indicator tells you the battery level of your mobile charger. With a simple click you will know if you need to charge it before going out. It also implements automatic charging, which means you only need to plug the mobile charger to your mobile device and it will start charging. 

It's portable, always with you

It only measures 116x23x23 mm. and weights 80 gr. Very portable, light and compact, to carry in your purse or pocket. It comes with a hanging strip so you can easily find it in your bag. 

It's original, choose your design

You can choose your favorite mobile charger among a portfolio of multiple designs, printed with high quality techniques to guarantee long durability, scratch resistance and vivid colors. The best fashion complement for you. Meet our portfolio at the SMARTOOOLS online store:



MADE FOR ALL SMARTPHONES. A universal product

Smartoools mobile chargers are specially designed to be compatible with all Smartphones in the market, thanks to an advanced circuit board which adapts the current to the each type of mobile device, and the universal USB output.

The box contains an USB cable, used to charge the mobile charger and also to charge any Smartphone with micro-USB connector

  • If you have a mobile phone with micro-USB charge connector, you can use directly the cable coming in the box.
  • If you have an iPhone 3, 4, 4S, 5, you can use the USB cable coming with the iPhone. You can also use the USB cable coming in the box with an extra adapter (sold separately in the SMARTOOOLS online store).
  • Compatible models: Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 3 / 4 / 4S / 5, iPad, Sony Xperia, Nokia Lumia, HTC One, LG Optimus, Blackberry, Motorola, Kindle, GPS navigators, cameras, …

The box includes a USB to micro-USB cable, a hanging strip for your mobile charger, the user guide and the SMARTOOOLS mobile charger. 

HOW IT WORKS. Very Easy to Use

Step 1: Check the power

3 LEDs tell you the Battery of the Charger:

  • Click the power button and check 3-LED indicator
  • If only LEFT light is ON, you have less than 30% battery level.
  • If the MID light is also ON, you have up to 65% battery level. 
  • If the RIGHT light is also ON, you have up to 100% battery level. Ready to go!

Step 2: Charge your charger

If your Mobile Charger needs to recharge:

  • Connect the micro-USB end of the data cable to your mobile charger
  • Connect the USB end of the data cable to the power source
  • Your Mobile charger will start charging automatically
  • 3-LED blinking from LEFT to RIGHT indicate the battery in your mobile charger
  • Important: you need to wait until the RIGHT blue light stops blinking to ensure the mobile charger is 100% charged.

Step 3: Charge your device

If your mobile is running out of battery:

  • Connect the USB end of the data cable to your Mobile Charger
  • Connect the micro-USB end of the data cable to your Device
  • Your device will start charging automatically
  • 3-LED lighting from RIGHT to LEFT indicate the battery in your Mobile Charger
  • Unplug the cable to stop charging your Device




Mobile charging

  • 2.600 mAh battery capacity: it offers at least one extra charge for your Smartphone (depends on the model)
  • Samsung original rechargeable battery: Li-Ion technology with A-type cell guarantees high quality, durability and stable charging voltage.
  • 3 LED indicator: allows you to check the battery power level of your mobile charger any time with a simple click.
  • Ready to use: it comes 50% pre-charged from the first day.

Smart charging

  • Made for Smartphones and Tablets: specially designed to be compatible with all mobile devices using USB connector.
  • Intelligent detection: adjusts the current between the mobile device and the charger to ensure efficient and safe charging.
  • Fast charging: output supports current up to 2.1A to charge the most advanced Smartphones and other high-end portable devices.
  • Automatic charge: it starts charging automatically just by plugging the phone to the mobile charger through the USB cable. Plug and play. 

Safe charging

  • Temperature control: includes a 4-layers printed circuit board integrating protection against high temperatures over 40ºC.
  • Protection against overcharge and short-circuit: integrates an intelligent microprocessor to control any overcharge, discharge or current peak dysfunctions.