Beer Bubbler

Specification:Model:  Beer Bubbler  Powered: 2pieces AAA batteriesMaterials:  ABS (Food standard)Rated Cu


Model:  Beer Bubbler  

Powered: 2pieces AAA batteries

Materials:  ABS (Food standard)

Rated Current: 0.3A

Product size: 94*64*75mm

Suitable to:  Bottled Beer and Canned Beer

How to work?

1. Press button 3 seconds to power on

2. Red Led when standby, Gree Led when working to create beer foam

3. Automatically power off if standby 10 seconds

4. You can also manually power off when press button 3 seconds


1. DO NOT wash the top part built in batteries

2. Bottom parts can be washed

3. If foam less than normal, please exchange new batteries.

Packing List: 

Gross weight per pack:  280g

Size per pack: 105*88*122cm

Packs per carton: 50packs

Net weight per carton: 14KGS

Gross weight per carton: 15KGS

Size per carton: 480*400*235cm

Beer Bubbler(图1)

Beer Bubbler(图2)

Beer Bubbler(图3)

Beer Bubbler(图4)

Beer Bubbler(图5)

Beer Bubbler(图6)